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Abel O. Udi's Profile

Abel O. Udi

Name: Abel O. Udi
Position: Account & Compliance

Abel Udi holds a Higher National Diploma in Accountancy, from The Polytechnic Ibadan, Bachelor of Science in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University and he is currently studying for a Master in Business Administration from the University of Uyo. He is an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria.

He has served in 4 Nigerian Banks over a 15 year period in various back office and front desk roles. He has worked as an operations staff, Financial Control staff, Electronic Channels staff, Value Chain Manager and Business Development Manager. He has gained a broad experience and Knowledge of the financial systems and his background in accounting strengthens the fact. Abel is very strategic and realistic in his thinking, which makes him the voice of accountability for LiveAssured Limited.

He has had an array of trainings to include:

  • ICAN Technology Competence Initiative
  • Oracle ERP appreciation and application (In-House)
  • Basic Credit Analysis & Corporate Account Management
  • ICAN: MCPE (International Financial Reporting Standards: Conversion issues)
  • Advance Sales Training on Retail Banking for Managers

Abel is eager to create unique solutions that offer the populace a viable alternative which they can leverage upon to achieve their aspirations. He has co-founded this company as a means to contribute positively to society which is a firm belief he holds as an individual. The LiveAssured Limited project offers Abel the opportunity to bring to bear a solution that leverages on Information technology for implementation, which has been a keen interest for his very dynamic nature.

He is married to Vivian and together they have wonderful daughters they cherish so much and would do almost anything for, much like his commitment to LiveAssured Limited.

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