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Friday Dejavu Effiong's Profile

Friday Dejavu Effiong

Name: Friday Dejavu Effiong
Position: IT & Administration

Techpreneur, innovator, and pragmatic idealist. Friday "Dejavu" Effiong is vision-driven and goal-oriented. His passion is a radical transition of traditional businesses in Africa to disrupting penetration through tech and innovation.

A graduate of Philosophy, Friday is a free thinker that questions the status quo and has attempted with success to revolutionize businesses in Nigeria in the past one decade. He is the founder of One Million Voices Nigeria which empowers start-ups to raise capital and lunch into the deep through branding and creative marketing. Founder of Save Our Land Organization that campaigns for peace and security in Nigeria especially against insurgency in the north.

Friday "Dejavu" has obtained several professional leadership certificates including Global Leadership Submit and OND in Missiology. He Pastors the Branch Church of Insight Bible Church Port Harcourt with a focus on business development and transformational growth. Friday "Dejavu" has played a significant role in the formation and growth of the LiveAssured Limited. He's married to a beautiful economist who enhances his financial skills in business.

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